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Jed Cleaning Services Ltd are a reliable Carpet Cleaning Glasgow based company, providing high quality cleaning services.
We cover Glasgow & Surrounding Area’s. Our carpet cleaners have many years of professional experience in commercial, Industrial and domestic cleaning.

Carpet Cleaners Glasgow

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Our technicians are fully trained and equipped with the most effective up to date chemicals available today.

Our pet friendly solutions and sanitizers help with those unexpected pet accidents that occur from time to time. Our experienced carpet cleaners always spot test an inconspicuous area before we begin to determine any colour fastness, in order to ensure they use the correct chemical and cleaning method for your carpet.

We never cut corners with our carpet cleaning service, and you’ll find we’re more than happy to go the extra mile to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We’re confident that every last speck of dirt will be removed from your carpet during the cleaning and washing stages. Our tried-and-trusted cleaning machines are also super speedy at drying carpets, allowing you to enjoy using them again as soon as possible.

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Our superior grade cleaning equipment is reliable at removing particles from carpets, but we also use powerful environment friendly cleaning products that are renowned for removing a wide range of stains and blemishes that often find their way into carpets.

So, whether wine spillages, muddy footprints, pet accidents or other blemishes have turned your carpet into an eyesore, rely on our hardworking carpet cleaning technicians to get them removed.

As well as removing dirt and stains that are visible within your carpet, our carpet cleaning technicians will also sniff out those particles in your carpet that are nestled deep within its fibres.

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Left unattended too, these can discolour and damage your carpet over time. However, with regular carpet cleaning maintenance from Jedi Cleaning Services Carpet Cleaning technicians, can help to keep your carpet looking in tip-top condition for a long time to come.

Or carpet cleaning services will also remove allergy-triggering dust mites and unpleasant odours.

By setting our standards of cleaning exceptionally high, customers can expect outstanding results. But, at Jedi Cleaning Services, we take pride in the fact that we offer great customer services, too.

Our fully trained carpet cleaning technicians are friendly, polite and reliable, and with our wide range of skills and expertise, we’re equipped to clean any style of carpet you may have.

Call – 07833320801

Jedi Cleaning Services offers affordable and convenient services, so whether you’re a residential or commercial customer, or a landlord, you’ll find us hard to beat.

Call – 07833320801

Latest Project

We were recent contacted by a Client who had asked our company to clean his Stair Carpets.

We took Images of the Before and After, With His Permission

Please feel free to browse through the images below and if we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to call us.

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